‘SAFERhome’ project on Wilmot – 1st to be certified on Vancouver Island

This is David Coulson Design’s first home to receive SAFERhome certification and is also the first project on Vancouver Island to be cerfified.  We believe the SAFERhome 19 point criteria is simply a smart way of building, not only making homes a better real estate investment but most importantly enhancing homeowners lifestyles both now and for the future.

Here are a few quick points about SAFERhome standards:

  • must be within the existing Provincial and National Building Codes but give the homeowner more than the accepted minimum building standard
  • homes are built to the only measurable ‘Universal’ standard in the world
  • improves the physical safety of the home for the whole family, young children to aging parents
  • allows homeowners the ability to adapt their homes as the needs of the family changes; allows for aging-in-place solutions
  • offers ‘one-level living’ in any multi-level design; for example wider staircases or an elevator option is planned for the future in stacked closets
  • when incorporated into the design phase a SAFERhome is not expensive especially when the benefits and increased value in the home are considered
  • Is affiliated with notable partners such as the Homeowner Protection Office and BC Housing
  • to learn more about the program go to: www.saferhomesociety.com
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