David Coulson project planning


We will take photographs and measurements on site, and produce a set of ‘as found’ drawings. These will be the base on which every decision – large or small – is made.

Typically, the production of as-found plans is completed at or around the time of your second consultation with the home designer. Here is your opportunity to fine-tune answers to our original design questionnaire and to voice further questions or concerns to our design team.

If you are interested in having a landscaping plan incorporated into your building plan – to compliment your new space or to add specific function to the property – there will be additional considerations, such as the possible use of terracing, arbours or custom fencing, the benefits of garden access/views from surrounding buildings, and the balance between new and existing plantings.

All of this information is then taken back to our studio/office, digested, and used as ‘food’ for the thought process that helps us to bring you that exciting first proposal. Don’t be shy about making changes to our design – that’s your job! We welcome as much input as you can give, and we thrive on a challenge. Once we are all satisfied that the concept is sound, the structure is practical, and the project is a go – we prepare the construction plans